WOODWORKS began  in 2007 as a response to the need for upscale custom cabinetry that

could be delivered on time and hassle-- free. Our mission, was to create a custom cabinet

shop that could provide the best possible quality, at affordable prices with the added value of

a commited production schedule. As a result WOODWORKS offers the most high-- end full

service design, fabrication, delivery, and installation team in the industry. We offer a full

range of wood species, from paint grade through exotic veneers, stainless, lacquers and

specialty finishes. Our design services can plan your entire project, from concept through

shop drawings, production and installation. We also offer closet systems custom ordered

to match any style or finish. Whether it be traditional flush inset or modern European styling,

we can meet the needs of any client’s taste or budget.

As a response to growing concern for our environment, we are pleased to now offer  our

“Living Green” line of cabinets. 100% Formaldehyde free and finished with low VOC, HAP’s ,

isocyanate and nitrocellulose free stains and paints, these cabinets are crafted with the same

quality and care, documented with “Chain of Custody”  paperwork and meet KCMA ansd ANSI

performance requirements.

Our goal is to provide the utmost flexibility and customization, while retaining the best possible

control over the production process. Though we refer to our pennsylvania operation as a

“factory”, it is, in fact, a tightly knit group of woodworkers, finishers and production

professionals who have the knowledge and experience to tackle any request. Each job is

treated as individual. There is no “assembly line” mentality.

We look forward to serving you.